Bell B50D Haul Truck

Bell B50D Haul Truck

Bell B50D Articulated Haul Truck

Bell B50D Haul Trucks

When You Know How They’re Built, You’ll Run A Bell

Built smarter to work harder, the Bell B50D Haul Truck boasts the material moving muscle you need without the mass to feed. Their lower mass reduces powertrain and structural stress. Other up-time boosting features include enhanced diagnostics, solid-state sealed switches and reinforced articulation joints to list a few.

Additional Features:

  • Largest production ADT in the industry!
  • All around versatility
  • Active suspension and wide wheelbase for best stability and traction
  • Designed for heavy-duty mining and equally at home in large construction
  • Different body configurations for a variety of applications
  • Standard on-board weighing


B50D Bell Haul Truck

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