Bell B30E Haul Truck

Bell B30E Haul Truck

Bell B30E Haul Truck

Bell B30E Articulated Haul Truck

E Series

B30E Haul Truck

The new B30 E-series range takes ADT functionality to new industry standards, with customer-focused enhancements and the highest level of automated machine protection available.

Through substantial investments in Research and Development and employing industry leading technology, advancements have been made in the key areas of performance and fuel efficiency – helping you to move more material at lower operating costs and environment impact

Features Include:

  • Extensive use of high-strength lightweight material give these trucks the best payload-to-mass ratios and hauling efficiencies in each class.
  • With their oscillating frame and high-floatation tires, Bell trucks won’t leave you stuck on muddy, rugged or hilly terrain.
  • The redesigned sound suppression cab features fatigue beating controls, advanced diagnostic monitor and a switch module for convenient fingertip operation of numerous functions.
  • Fuel efficient emission certified engines deliver clean power without compromise in all conditions. Leading-edge emissions technology ensures rapid engine response and dependable cold-start performance.

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